Tarot and self-protection


Are tarots a devil’s tool???

No they are not.

They are a powerful tools to get insights on you own life and help others to understand the proofs that they  experience on the earth.

I have to admit that in the past I was a bit scared about the Tarots, especially the premonition part was holding me back.

Many students told me  that they had  bad  experiences with readings , they felt funny and drained after, and charged with negative energy.

How an ancient that survived for centuries had such a negative reputation??

I decided to know more about the tarots, after all they are part of this bi-dimensional, spiritual world, so I went for different psychic readings.

I discovered a new world!!!!!

I learned so much about my self, about the positive tarots interpretations, and of course SEL-PROTECTION.

Psychic Protection

Before you start a reading, pick the way to protect your-self that suits you the most, according to your own believes and knowledge.

Psychic protection is important to do not absorb the energy of others or of the entities we may enter in touch with. Use protection whatever you are reading for yourself or others. Protection is used whenever you work with energy, we do the same in Reiki or other bioenergy healing.

Protection Prayer from The Unity Church

The light of God surrounds me
The Love of God enfolds me
The Power of God protects me
The Presence of God watches over me
The Mind of God Guides Me
The Life of God Flows Through Me
The Laws of God Direct Me
The Power of God Abides within Me
The Joy of God Uplifts me
The Strength of God renews me
The Beauty of God Inspires me
Wherever I am, God is


Surround yourself in Golden light bubble

For more details and more protection visualise

 Layers of pink rays of unconditional love
 Layers of Violet Consciousness
 Call upon your Angels, Guardian Angel, Spiritual Masters

 After a reading:

 Ground your self 
 Burn essential oils 
 Use Sage
 Incense
 Hold crystals like Amethyst or Pink Quartz

Say Go to God’s Light – Go to God’s Light – Go to God’s Light
All dark entities have to go to the light by Universal Law

Always rinse off after a reading!

 With a shower of light
 Say Cut Cut Cut 
 Disconnect using sage – clear your energy