Akashic Records Readings


Discover your soul’s contract

What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are the soul’s books.

The term Akashic comes from the Sanskrit word Akasa that means sky or ether.

The Akashic Records are in a high vibration dimension, the fifth dimension, a dimension of love and compassion, that is why all the messages that you receive from the Akashic Records are high vibration messages, safe and full of love.

To channel the messages that your soul left in the Akashic records, all you need is tap into your heart. There you will find all the answers that you need to live a more fulfilled life.

The Akashic records are a powerful tool to find your purpose in life, your soulmate, your inner pace and to live your soul contract.

The Akashic Records will help to heal your mind, body and spirit. Thanks to the Akashic healing you can also release everything that holds you back from reaching your full potential, change your Limiting Belief System, clean your Karma.

This journey will empower you and you will be able to attract more positive things in your life. You will never be alone because your Angels, Spirit Guides, Ascended Master will always be at your side in this journey.

How can you be sure that you are channelling your Akashic Records?
You will feel a tingling sensation or a deep feeling of peace in your heart chakra.

Sample of Questions

1) What is my soul purpose at this moment?

2) How can I better live my soul purpose?

3) How can I serve my soul purpose with my job/career?

4) How can I heal issue X or Y?

5) What’s limiting me from manifesting greater abundance?

6) What beliefs and ideas did I inherit from my family?

7) What beliefs and ideas have I internalized from my culture?

8) What role(s) did I play in my past lives?

9) Did I ever make a past life vow? If so, what kind of vow? How can I release it if it’s not serving me?

10) What is my current illness/condition teaching me? Am I carrying this lesson from a past life? How can I finally “get it”?

11) What is my current relationship teaching me? Am I carrying this lesson from a past life?

12) What is my most important role in this lifetime?

13) How can I use my talents to serve others?

14) Where does my [addiction, compulsion, behavior] originate from?

15) What is my [addiction, compulsion, behavior] protecting me from?

16) How can I release my [addiction, compulsion, behavior]?

17) How can I release this pattern of toxic relationships?

18) How can I release my feelings of [shame, guilt, anger, jealousy, fear]? Have I felt those feelings in past lifetimes? Why?

19) Did I know person X in a past lifetime? What was our connection then?

20) Did I make a past life contract with person X? What was the nature of the contract?

21) How can I release this outdated or unhelpful past life contract?

22) How can I feel excited about my purpose again?

23) Where does my sensitivity come from? How can I use it in this lifetime?

24) How can I set and enforce stronger boundaries in my life?

25) Why has it been so hard for me to speak up + stand up for myself in this lifetime?

26) Was I ever persecuted, banished, or tortured for my spiritual gifts in a past lifetime? How can I release that trauma and reclaim my spiritual gifts?

27) How can I get along better with people in this lifetime?

Akashic Records Reading

8 Questions – 65 €

Akashic Records Course

How to channel your  Records and Others

1 day On site or Online Course – 200 €

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