Reiki Self-healing

In each Reiki workshop  I stress on the importance of regular and continuous practice of self healing.

Especially if you are new to this your body is still new to the energy being channelled, so more you practise, more you will see the benefit of it.

Self care will also help to develop your intuition, that is particularly useful if you want to become a practitioner.

Reiki will enhance the natural ability of the body to heal itself ad will create a balance in your body, mind and spirit.

Try to work on each chakra for 3 minutes, you can search for healing songs  with bells each 3 minutes or self-treatment meditations.

At the beginning held the position of your hands may results uncomfortable. Do not feel discourage, do what you can do.

A bit of Reiki is better than No Reiki.

Practice Reiki on a chair or laydown, if you feel asleep it is not a problem, the universal energy will keep flowing.

Let the energy dictate the time that you need on each chakra.

Self treatments can can be done almost everywhere, while you are waiting the bus or in a waiting room, just activate Reiki, place your hands in a comfortable position and magic happens..

I don’t feel my Reiki energy !!!

No worries, that is completely normal. It happens also to your Sensei ;)

When you treat yourself you do not have the same sensation in your hands as when you treat others or you are treated.

There are chakra that are more responsive then others. Discover yours.

Sometime you may need Reiki on one chakra and remain there during all the healing. Follow your gut feeling.

How I start my self healing????

Rub your hands, call upon 3 times your Archangels, your guardian angels, Masters and ask to assist you during the healing.

Take 3 deep breaths in, and with each breath relax all your muscles.

Remember: Reiki is a smart, safe, natural energy, even if you forget the hands positions, to call upon your Masters, it will still work. Just set your intention.
  • Releases Tension From The Body

  • Feel grounded

  • Restore your energy level

  • Take time for yourself

  • Reconnect with your inner Divine

  • Train your intuition

Sel healing

Place the hands on the crown chakra.

Reiki self treatment third eye

After 3 minutes move to the third eye chakra

Reiki self treatment eyes

Place the hands on your eyes

Reiki Throat chakra treatment

Hands covering the throat

Heart chakra healing

Hands at the center of the chest over the heart chakra

breast self-healing

Place the hands on your breast

solar plexus

One hand at each side of your body covering the solar plexus

pelvic area healing

One hand on each side of the body pointing downward

Self healing lower back

Palm against your back

Additional hand position

Additional Reiki positions…At your feet

calf healing

Place the hands on your calf muscle.

Reiki at your knees

Place one hand on each knee.