An history of hope and courage that aims to help the ones that are facing the Glioblastoma multiforme diagnosis.

Reiki distant healing sent to a person who is facing cancer diagnosis

The glioblastoma multiforme (GBM), is the most aggressive type of cancer that begins within the brain.

In June 2018 my father, then 71 y.o, was diagnosed with GBM, a stage IV cancer, with a life expectancy of few months.

He went through a surgical procedure to make a diagnosis, to relieve pressure on the brain, and to safely remove as much tumour as possible. As it often happens with this type of cancer it was diffuse and had finger-like tentacles that infiltrated the brain, which made them impossible to remove completely.

I remember the 28 of June 20218 as one of the longest and painful days of my life.

While my father was recovering from the anaesthesia I was reading on internet all about GBM, looking for hope, for a way to help him.

I am a healer, after all, how could I save him? In internet everything I could find was a scary article after another, the survival rates broke my heart into pieces.

I was looking for a miracle, so I focus my search in a more positive way.

I wondered how complementary therapy could help AND I found my magic testimonial: Dean’s story, a 73 y.o. man survived to GBM thank to the traditional and complementary medicine such us Reiki and acupuncture.

There was hope.

I firmly believe that the subconscious mind is aware of any ailments the body is experiencing. It is responsible for how those ailments evolve and are expressed (even allergies). Outer influence such as accidents and trauma, external stressors, and environment are major influences on your health. But it is the subconscious mind that dictates how the body is responding to the external factors of your life.

After the surgery, while the anaesthesia was wearing off, my father repeated to friends and family over the phone that the doctor told him that he had no tumour. The doctor listening to his conversation gave me an amused look and said: Is he really telling to everybody that I just opened his brain for fun?

This hilarious anecdote made me understand that his subconscious was rejecting the diagnosis and he was sending to his body the message that he was healthy.

Since the surgery he has been receiving daily Reiki distance healing alongside conventional treatments as chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

He is fighting as a bull. He is a trooper!

We work tougher to keep him as healthy as possible, in body, mind and spirits. We do it with Love, Reiki, Meditation, Visualization, and Law of Attraction.

When he got his chemo he simply states: “Universe, I feel good”.

His monthly chemotherapy cycle is of 5 days, during those days when he states his mantra he has no side effects, if he forgot, he feels sick. Is it a coincidence?

Against all odd on July 2021 my father is still alive, completely independent; this summer he went on a camper trip in Ireland with all the family.

Yesterday we received fantastic news, the tumour has shrunk.

Don’t give up the fight.

Find yourself a faith.

Visualize a brighter future.

Miracles happen every day.

I offer distance healing treatment that have the same efficacy of a face to face Reiki treatment.
Reiki can give you comfort and help you feel more relaxed when coming to terms with the physical and emotional effects of cancer and the side effect of  its treatment.
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